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Welcome to Ayur Hridayam!

Health is always a dynamic expression of one’s state of being in the journey of life. As the early phase of life is about building a healthy body, the focus of later phases shifts to preserving it. Ayurveda, the science of life, practised more than 5000 years has effectively showcased the world how to achieve it. This holistic system of medicine focus on restoring the optimal health, rather than the mere curing of the disease through the time-tested therapies of Panchakarma (Shodhana or purification) and Aushadha (Ayurvedic medicines for pacifying the toxins). The Panchakarma treatment, a purificatory therapy has effectively proven to detoxify and rejuvenate the body traditional panchakarma to ensure an optimal health as well as to delay ageing.Ayur hridayam(ayurveda centre) is working on basic principles of Ayurveda for providing desirable health to the people.

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Recently I took an ayurvedic facial at ayur Hridayam and the facial was too good, the results are much effective, it made my skin smooth and soft with an amazing glow. Fantastic experience. I really enjoyed their therapies.The place is very hygienic, rates affordable and more importantly the therapies are all done in an authentic Kerala mode., value for money I loved it..
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Garima Chaudhary
I was searching for a good therapy center for cervical spondylitis and sinus blockage for my wife. Dr. Shashank was able to diagnose the issues correctly and recommend the right therapy. The female therapist was very learned. The problem has reduced by 80% after 1st set of sessions.
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Kapil Kumar
I was suffering with shoulder pain last 15 days and being from pharma industry I have taken pain killer but relief was temporary.I searched on Internet and found ayur hridayam,after therapy now I am feeling much better and pain has reduced without any painkiller.
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Nitin Tyagi

Our Team


After completing his formal education in Ayurveda, Dr. Shashank went to Kerala to explore the traditional system of Ayurveda. He learned the basics of Kerala traditional Ayurveda from a renowned traditional Physician Dr. S. Narayanan (Chief physician, Amritkripa Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, Chittilamcheri, Kerala).He learned the basis of Acupuncture & Cupping therapy(traditional korean medicine ) under Dr Lee in Gyeongju ,South Korea.

Advisory Board Members :- Vaidhya Rohit Mehta

Vaidya Rohit Mehta with his imense knowledge in Panchakarma is advisory member in ayu hridyam. Specialisation in Dermetology, Infertilty and Vastu Shastra is available only on prior appointment He has following degrees under his belt- B.A.M.S. ; MD- Panchakarma ; MBA -Hospital Administration; FAGE (Manipal); DNYS; M.D- Acu.; M.D- Reiki; M.D- Vastu; D.N.V and D.Cup.T. which make him a complete healer and good administrator. He has published around 15 research articles in international Journals and also is a advisory board member in many international Journals

Dr Anita Rana

Dr Anita Rana ( B.A.M.S, M.S.) Dr Anita has done her masters in ayurvedic surgery. She is an expert of treating Piles and Fistula through ayurvedic technique called KSHARA KARMA & KSHARA SUTRA. She has vast knowledge of ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma as well.